Delivery technology for customer focused commerce.

ShippingHub helps ecommerce brands increase delivery speed and efficiency, and automate logistics supply chains

We power ecommerce businesses by making shipping easy and accessible

Lowest shipping rates, widest reach and customer focus

ShippingHub offers more that just moving packages

Shipping is an integral part of the online shopping experience — where speed, accuracy, and consumer expectations are rolled into one. We’re here to let businesses know they don’t have to be the size of Take-A-Lot to have a platform that can help them ship like one.

What is ShippingHub

ShippingHub is a Software-as-a-Service making ecommerce shipping accessible while improving the shipping experience of online retailers.

Why ShippingHub

ShippingHub is inspired by South African SMEs. We celebrate SME online retailers by offering different payment options, competitive pricing, and a positive shipping experience to generate return customers.

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